Thursday, 30 June 2011

Deep Contemplation

Thursday 30th June 2011

I think my Husband is now over the initial shock of being told that his sperm was being too efficient again and is now thinking things through logically.  I can tell that a fourth child isn’t on the top of his priorities in life right now.  To be honest, it didn’t feature in my life either.  My body is already showing slight changes, my boobs are sore and I now know why Actimel isn’t shifting that bloated feeling I’ve had for a few weeks. 

The throbbing in my head is so immense from the pressure of trying to decide what route to take with my future.  What path should I turn down? Do I extend my already chaotic and hectic family or do I make that awful choice to look after number one for a change and concentrate on those already special in my life? I couldn’t sleep last night, I fear tonight will be the same.

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